For those who carry on struggle with spelling, mistakes and typos, we are pleased to announce that a magic solution is coming soon! Our team of smart and enthusiastic developers, passionate linguists and professional writers are about to launch a powerful grammar checker for students. If a torrent of thoughts doesn’t let you depict sentences cohesively and coherently, grammar checker for essays for students will help you reduce illogically built sentences. What is more, never you will worry about the tautology, repetition or adverbial abundance: all complex words will be detected and then substituted by simpler ones. And it is not an exaggeration! Grammar checker for students will get your creative ideas flowing without breaking the grammatical low.

Grammar Police Will Never Cry Again

You do need a grammar checker for Google Docs for students. Wonder why?

Being digital-natives we are spoiled by the immense possibilities that technology gives us. We strive for reaching maximum comfort in using tech products. We want to do practically everything on the go. Having chosen the paperless direction, we are moving into the cloud and our copybooks are replaced by Google Docs. That is exactly why we are on our journey to create a powerful student grammar checker for Google Docs which is going to become your very best guide in checking Google documents for grammar mistakes and plagiarism.

Create Your Ideal Grammar Paradigm

At this time our biggest goal is to create free plagiarism and grammar checker software for students! It is a well-known fact that two heads are better than one, so we would love to hear your thoughts regarding our service. Do not hesitate to send your suggestions!